Haven Gastropub Collaboration-Competition – Entries Due Nov. 3rd

When: Saturday November 3rd, Hours TBD
Where: Danny Exum’s House, Club Brew Meeting

In collaboration with the Brewmaster at Haven Gastropub in Pasadena, The Yeastside Brewers of Los Angeles will hold a Member’s Only Homebrew Competition that will award the winning brewer with having their winning beer brewed and placed on-tap in the Spring of 2013 at Haven Gastropub in Pasadena! Haven serves a wide variety of craft beer on tap, including their own beers brewed on the premises.
This competition is only open to members in good standing of the Yeastside Brewers. Each member is allowed one entry only, so choose your best! Bring two (12 oz.) bottles to the November meeting. There is no entry fee for this competition.
Also, this Homebrew Competition is subject to some special strict limitations due to the inherent nature of collaborating with Haven, which is a commercial brewer. Firstly, and most importantly, the competition will be strictly limitedto the following BJCP styles:

Secondly, judging will strictly adhere to the BJCP style guidelines, so please brew your beer within the various limits enumerated under the BJCP.
Thirdly, Haven also requiresthe following limitations with respect to any competing beers’ recipe:

  • No Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, or other microbes that are not traditional Brewers yeast!
  • No Fruits, Vegetables, Spices or other additives. Only water, malt, hops and Brewers yeast!
  • No smoked malt additions or smoke flavorings.
  • No wood aging.
  • No lagers or lagering. Please stick with ale fermentations. Hybrid yeast (California Common) fermentations are OK.
  • No beers stronger than 8% ABV. Please also stay within ABV limits within respective BJCP style guidelines, which may be less than 8% for particular styles.

Lastly, Haven prefers that the beers demonstrate a West Coast character! This can mean a lot of things, such as, of course, a fresh and bright hop profile, or perhaps simply incorporating local ingredients. We’ll leave that interpretation up to you creative homebrewers!
There’s not a whole lot of time, so get brewing as soon as possible if you haven’t already started. You’ll need time to ferment, perhaps dry-hop, and even condition your homebrew by the time November 3 rolls around. Questions can be directed to your VP, Jerl Leutz, jerlleutz@gmail.com.
Happy brewing!

Competition Results

We had quite a few members win some ribbons recently in the Southern California Regional Homebrew Championship and the L.A. County Fair!

SoCal Regional – Full Results here
Julia & Ward G. Walkup IV got 2nd place in American Pale Ales, 2nd place in Stouts, and 2nd place in Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beers.
Jeff Koehler got 2nd place in Fruit Beers, and 2nd place in Meads.
Josh Jensen got 1st and 3rd place in German Wheat & Rye Beers.
Lee & Andrew Bakofsky, Jeff Koehler, Josh Jensen, Dan Hakes, and Larry Caldwell got 1st place in Wood-Aged Beers.

L.A. County Fair – Full Results here
Louie and Gayle Michel got 1st place in Scottish/Irish Ales, and 3rd place in India Pale Ales.
Nathan Scott got 1st place in Belgian-Style Strong Ales.
Lee & Andrew Bakofsky, Jeff Koehler, Josh Jensen, Dan Hakes, and Larry Caldwell got 2nd place in Farmhouse Ales.
Jeff Koehler and Jerl Leutz got 1st place in Specialty Beers.
Jeff Koehler got 2nd place in Meads.
Last, but certainly not least, Ward G. Walkup got 2nd place in American Pale Ales, 2nd place in Specialy Beers (Spice/Herb/Vegetable), 1st place in Stouts which also got 2nd runner up Best of Show, and 1st place in American West Coast Beers which also got Best of Show!

Huge congrats to all, this was a great showing for our club!

Let’s keep this trend rolling while we are hot! Pacific Brewer’s Cup entries are due Thursday September 6th by 7PM at the Eagle Rock Homebrew shop and other drop-off points. Judging will be on Sept. 22nd at the Four Points Shearton by LAX. Sign up to judge or steward, as the Strand Brewers running this are going to need some help with the anticipated volume of entries.

September Meeting – Sour and Belgian Strong styles at Little Bear

When: Saturday September 1st, 2PM – 6PM
Where: 1855 Industrial St., LA 90021

Join us this Saturday at the Little Bear “Belgian Beer Cafe” downtown. This spot serves a wide variety of Belgian beer, and domestically brewed Belgian-style beer on tap and in bottles. This is complimented by a Belgian food menu that is sure to please. They serve Brunch until 3PM, and also will offer their lunch options throughout the time of our meeting.
The styles of the month are Category 17 Sours and Category 18 Belgian Strong, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe, as that only helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback. Please do not bring commercial beers along to this meeting, only homebrew. Buy your commercial beers at the bar and support Little Bear for hosting us!
Light Hybrids are the category for the Club Only Competition. If you have a good example of one (Cream Ale, Blonde Ale, Kölsch, or American Wheat or Rye Beer) please bring three 12-oz bottles to the meeting along with the recipe and bottle labels already filled out. The highest-scoring beer after a blind judging will be sent to represent the club. The judging may not take place the day of the meeting. If you would like to see future meeting locations and styles, check the website for the schedule.