Vail Lake – Southern California Homebrew Festival

It’s time to register for VAIL LAKE –Southern California Homebrewers Festival.  Register by April 15th “TAX DAY” – only 1600 tickets will be sold. Don’t miss out on the fun (or the most interesting brewers of SoCal)!

SCHF will be held in Temecula May 1-3, 2015.


1.  Join the Southern California Homebrewers Association:

2.  Purchase Festival Entry:

3.  Reserve your Yeastside campsite with Josh Jensen


One thought on “Vail Lake – Southern California Homebrew Festival

  1. Hello Yeastside Brewer Member,

    Here are some important reminders:

    YSB Meeting this Saturday 3/14/15 at City Tavern DTLA 2-6pm
    Parking is $5 flat rate at Fig & 7th. (please limit homebrew to 1-2 bottles)

    Remember to sign up & pay for the 2015 SCHF at Vail Lake NOW! Don’t be left hanging out in the cold May 1-3rd… tickets are limited and our camp sites are filling up.

    ​NHC San Diego registration is back up since they still have capacity. Let a board member know if you are going so we can gauge the amount of beer we ​will be​ bringing down for club night. ​

    ​Happy brewing!​

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