2018 Competition Schedule

Yeastside “Brewer of the Year” Competition

We’re changing things up a bit this year with a competition of competitions to win the coveted “Brewer of the Year” title within the club.  How does it work?  Placing in sanctioned events (highlighted in bold below) will earn you points based on the following system.  At the end of the year, the brewer with the most points will be named “Brewer of the Year!”

1st place – 3 points
2nd place – 2 points
3rd place – 1 point.
Best of Show – 3 additional points
Runner up BOS – 2 additional points
2nd runner up BOS – 1 additional point

*All beers must be entered with Yeastside Brewers as the club affiliation to receive credit!*


Due Date

Judging Date

Other Information

Doug King Memorial Competition  Jan. 12 Jan. 27
Romancing the Beer Jan. 26 Feb 10
America’s Finest City Feb 9 Feb 17
CA State Fair Feb 11 Mar 11
National Homebrew Competition Mar 30 Varies Register by Jan 30
Los Angeles Belgian Brew Challenge Mar 29 Apr 8
Jeff Sanders Memorial Homebrewing Competition Apr 7 Apr 14
Mayfaire Apr 13 Apr 28
Antelope Valley Fair Jul 2 Jul 9
LA County Fair Jul 14 Jul 28
Ventura County Fair Jul 27 Jul 29
Pacific Brewer’s Cup Sep 14 Sep 29
CA State Homebrew Competition Oct 11 Nov 3
SoCal Regional Competition Oct 27 Nov 10


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