We are a group of like-minded homebrewers who call Northeast Los Angeles home. Our primary concerns are the exploration and production of fantastic beers as well as involvement and sharing with the community in which we live. Currently we are a small collective but invite similarly minded homebrewers to join our ranks.

We meet every month, and meetings are typically a brew session at someone’s house, Eagle Rock Homebrew Supply, or a gathering at a local brewery¬†or beer bar.

You can read our Club Bylaws here.

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  1. hello Yeastsiders! My name is Omar and I’m ready to start brewing on a small scale of course, I would like to join your organization soon(I just missed your January meeting at the Eagle Rock Brewing Supply) and my question is; since I’m starting out and everything seems so expensive, do any of you guys have old equipment you want to sell? since most people upgrade their equipment I was wondering if any of you wanted to sell some of your starter goods to someone like me who is just staring out.

    Thank you and CHEERS!

    1. Yeah, a bunch of us have things you’d need for sale. Just come by our meeting next weekend (Feb 1st) and ask around about who has gear they might part with. The details for the meeting will be announced in the next day or two. Welcome to an awesome new hobby!

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