February 1st Meeting – Brewer of the Year Contest & California Homebrew Festival Update @ The Glendale Tap


When: Saturday, February 1st, 2pm – 6pm
Where: The Glendale Tap, 4227 San Fernando Road, Glendale, Ca, 91204

Dear Yeastsiders,

This Saturday, February 1st, we will be having our Meeting at The Glendale Tap.  I had planned to have our meeting at the Morrison, right down the street, but there was a change in management so we had to change venues.  Sorry for the last minute change.  Thanks to Louie for securing the new meeting spot, and Brian from Glendale Tap for having us!  Please limit the Homebrew you bring to 1 bottle, so we can partake in the 50 plus beers available.  The last meeting we had at the Glendale Tap was lightly attended due to a massive accident right up the street, hopefully we won’t have a repeat of last year!  Please plan your transportation responsibly.

Style of the Month is up for grabs! 

If anyone has a beer that they would like to share and talk briefly about for meeting announcements, please let me know.  The first person to contact me will have the honors of presenting the Style of the Month.  All you would need to do is bring two 22oz bottles or one 64oz Growler of your delicious beer.  Moving forward, if you know you will have a beer available for a future meeting, see me and I will assign you the Style of the Month for that meeting.

Things to bring to Saturday’s Meeting:

  • Tasting Glass (YSB glasses are for sale)
  • Homebrew
  • Snacks
  • Money or Credit Card for your Annual Dues

Competitions & Brewer of the Year Contest:

If you missed the first meeting of the year, then you may not know that we will be awarding an official “Yeastside Brewer of the Year” in 2014! This will be determined by ribbons won in 9 competitions throughout the year which we’ll refer to as “The Majors.” These are LA local or nationwide events. They are:
– The Doug King Memorial – Congrats to Jeff Koehler for his 1st Place Munich Dunkel and Ward Walkup IV for his 1st and 2nd Place Speciality Beer!  Looks like Ward is taking the early lead in the contest.
– America’s Finest City due Feb 12th
– AHA Nationals (which will earn points for ribbons in the first round and medals in the second round, see below for more info)
– Mayfaire due mid-April
– CA State Fair due May
– SoCal Regional due July
– LA County Fair due July
– Pacific Brewers Cup due late August
– CA State Homebrew comp due October.
These dates are approximate based on previous years. A 1st place ribbon earns 3 points, 2nd place is points, and 3rd place is 1 point. Best of Show gets an additional 3 points, and runner up BOS is 2 more points, 2nd runner up is 1 point. Start brewing now, and enter those beers under Yeastside Brewers!
The AHA National competition is changing up procedures this year to avoid the rush to enter. You can register to enter up to 6 beers between 1/25 and 2/2. It doesn’t matter when you enter during those 7 days, which will avoid their server crashing like last year. More info can be found HERE.

California Homebrew Festival: May 2nd – 4th – TBD

As some of you know, The California Homebrew Festival is a great event that brings together Homebrewers from all over California.  If you haven’t been, it is a truly great way to meet fellow homebrewers, try some really unique beers, and represent the Yeastside Brewers in a meaningful way. This year, however, the event is in Jeopardy, and not the good Alex Trebek type ofJeopardy!  Please visit the California Homebrew Association for further details.  We will have a separate email that will go into more detail about what you can do to help.  Moving forward, we have to plan like the event is going to happen!  Here is what we need from you.

  • RSVP with Josh Jensen if you want to go to the Festival – We will start a list of people going and reserve spots for our camping site.  We have room for 40 or so people.  Camping fees and parking are not included in the cost of the Festival ticket.
  • We are in the process of building a Serving Station to Debut at the Festival, and we need to fill it with your Homebrew.  Start thinking about what you can have brewed and ready for the Festival.  We are trying to have a wide variety to offer so feel free to push your boundaries!  The more Kegs the merrier!
  • Look for future communication about the event as it comes out.

We have a backup plan for that weekend if the Festival is cancelled.  Our May Meeting would be the 3rd, or the 10th if the Festival goes on as planned.  More details to come!

Membership Dues:

As we start the New Year, it is that time of the year to collect Membership Dues.  Membership for the Year, which is required to attend meetings and participate in Club events and contests, is $24 for one and $36 for a couple.  Gayle, our new Treasurer, has made paying dues and buying merchandise 100% easier!  We will always accept cash, but we can now accept credit cards with our Square Reader!  Here are some of the wonderful items you can buy!

YSB Logo T-Shirts and Glasses for Sale:

  • Yeastside Brewers logo Tasting Glasses are for sale, $8 each, 3 for $20
  • New Yeastside Brewers Logo T-Shirt, sizes M to XXXL, $25
  • Yeastside Brewers T-Shirt, sizes M to XXXL, $20
  • Neck Lanyard, $5
  • Combo Tasting Glass and Neck Lanyard, $10

March’s meeting will be at a local brewery, TBD

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend.  Happy Brewing to you all, and see you on Saturday!


Dave Ochoa – Yeastside Brewers President 2014

A Few Updates re SCHF and Recent Events

A Call-for-Kegs! – Southern California Homebrew Fest

When: Saturday May 4th
Where: Lake Casitas Recreation Area, 11311 Santa Ana Road, Ventura, CA

My dear homebrewers,

I appeal to your valiant pride and unrivaled generosity: we need beer for our booth at 2013 SCHF! Please, if you are so able, respond to this email to contribute homebrew to be poured at the fest. No amount is too great. We can pour from kegs and from bottles. Please tell me four things: (1) what you’re contributing, (2) how it will arrive at the fest (i.e., are you going?), (3) whether its in bottles or kegs, and (4) if its in kegs, whether it is a ball or pin lock keg.

Many of us are arriving on Friday, May 3 and leaving Sunday, May 5. The festival takes place, for the most part, on Saturday, May 4. Here is a recap of last year’s 2012 festival. If you will attend, RSVP with Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen at the next meeting. We already have a campsite reserved. I also remind you to register as a CHA member, which is required to gain entry.

Other SCHF Items

  • We are potlucking Friday night before the festival (the night of May 3). Please sign up with Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen at the next meeting.
  • Please brew a beer for the festival, and bring your special beers, wines, etc. for some truly epic bottle shares!
  • Prepare for the sun! Broad brimmed hats, sunscreen, and stay hydrated!
  • Carpool: parking is expensive!
  • There are all sorts of things we need for a comfortable stay. Let Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen know if you can bring any of the following: canopies, lights, xmas lights, firewood, grills for BBQ, water, CO2 gas manifold, white board & markers, CO2 tanks (more is better!), and anything else you believe would be helpful. Again, let us know in advance so we can avoid duplicating efforts.

A Recap of the Stone AHA Rally: March 16th

Several Yeastsiders shared a bus with other homebrew clubs from the Los Angeles area, includind the Strand Brewers, Maltose Falcons, and Long Beach Homebrewers. As many of you know, five of our members were able to enter their homebrews in this exclusive competition. You may have also heard that, out of the thirty entrants, 2 Yeastsiders placed in the top three! Dave Ochoa, our VP, placed third, and the celebrated Ward Walkup placed second! Another member, Victor Macias, put down a journal entry for the day that I uploaded to the site for your leisurely review. We made a strong showing, and we are all proud.

The trip will also brought us to White Labs and Societe Brewing tasting rooms. It was both educational and fun!

April Meeting

The April meeting will be on Saturday, April 6th at Eagle Rock Brewery. Please stay tuned to your email inboxes for additional details next week!

Thanks for reading!

Jerl Leutz – Yeastside Brewers President 2013

January Meeting – 2nd Anniversary & First Meeting of 2013 @ ERHBS

When: Saturday, January 5th, 2PM – 6PM Where: Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply, 4981 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041
Happy New Year, Yeastsiders! Our first meeting of 2013 will be held this Saturday, January 5th, at Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply, from 2PM to 6PM. On top of that, it is expected be a beautiful, sunny day to share our homebrew with each other!
Un-Session Beers will be the beer style of the month as well as the Club Only Competition category (so be sure to fill out your entry forms!). Notably, this style covers almost every BJCP category where OG is above 1.040 OG. Of course, feel free to bring any type of homebrew to share and discuss. Please bring a copy of your recipe to assist in obtaining helpful feedback. Commercial beers are welcome at this homebrew shop location, and snacks are highly encouraged as well.
We are in the process of updating the website for 2013, including meeting locations and event calendar. Some updates have already been made and more are to be posted in the coming weeks. Upcoming competitions include the Doug King Memorial (entries due Jan. 10) and the Bruery Batch 1000 (entries due Feb. 1). We encourage your participation as its an excellent way to get quality feedback on your homebrewing. The Doug King Best of Show will be brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing Company as their 2013 GABF collaboration beer.
Please, bring a tasting glass to the meeting if you have one. If you do not yet own one, official Yeastside Brewers tasting glasses will be for sale, $8 each, cash only, please. Alternatively, you may also purchase 3 glasses at a discount for $20. It is also a good idea to bring a chair to take a break from standing around!
Membership dues for 2013 will be due and collected by our Treasurer Danny Exum. We have big plans for these funds this year!
February’s meeting will be held at Scott Piotrowski’s house for a brew day, and March’s location is to be determined. A 2nd Anniversary Party is also in the works, so stay tuned!
We hope you all had a wonderful and fun holiday season! We’ll see you Saturday!


By-laws have been passed!

Good news, everybody! The by-laws have passed a vote.  They were crafted by 2013 club president Jerl Leutz, and honed by the 2012 club board over many meetings and too many beers to count. Members in good standing were sent a survey monkey link to vote aye or nay, and nearly all votes were in favor. Since we have 61 official current members, and many more than that on this list, here are the by-laws to view if you haven’t seen them yet.

Our January meeting will be at the Eagle Rock Homebrew shop on January 5th from 2-6PM. The 2013 dues will begin to be collected. It remains $24 per person, but we are adding a $36 couples membership option. This meeting is also our 2nd Anniversary of being an official club! The Club Only Competition entries will be due for the Un-Session Beers for anything over 1.040 OG and covers nearly every BJCP category.

Jerl will be taking over the Presidential duties in the new year, so look for these updates to be coming from him in 2013.

Cheers, and keep on brewing!
-Josh Jensen, Yeastside Lame Duck President

December Meeting – Holiday Beers at Stuffed Sandwich

When: Saturday December 1st, 2PM – 6PM
Where: 1145 E. Las Tunas Dr. San Gabriel 91776

Our final meeting of the year brings us to a true LA beer institution! Sam and Marlene opened the Stuffed Sandwich in 1976 and moved to their current location in 2003. There is a huge selection of bottled beers, including some great vintage bottles available. If you have never visited, then there are some important details to know: Due to their alcohol license, they cannot sell you beer without a food purchase, so plan on getting some lunch. Order your food first, then go to the beer counter to get a beer. You should bring your own full sized glass for beer, unless you want to purchase a glass to take home, or drink out of a paper cup. You should also bring a tasting glass to sample homebrew (or buy a Yeastside glass). Speaking of homebrew, please limit the beer you bring to one bottle. We want to support this Mom and Pop shop! The club will find a nice big bottle to buy and share amongst members too.
The style of the month is Holiday Beers, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe, as that only helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback. Please do not bring commercial beers along to this meeting.

Club board elections are this month, and just like last December we have one person running for each position. Rather than filling out paper ballots, we’ll do a simple “yay or nay” voice vote. Here are your candidates:
Treasurer – Danny Exum
Administrative Coordinator – Jeremy Stacy
Competition Coordinator – Jeff Koehler
Vice President – David Ochoa
President – Jerl Leutz (Vice President of the current year is always President Elect for the following year)

Check out the website for upcoming competitions. Next up is the Doug King Memorial, in which the Best Of Show will be brewed at Eagle Rock Brewing Company as their 2013 GABF collaboration beer. Upcoming meetings will be at the homebrew shop in January, and Scott Piotrowski’s house in Februrary for a brew day.

November Meeting – Learn To Homebrew Day, Haven Collab Competition deadline, and Old Ales

When: Saturday November 3rd, 9AM – 4PM
Where: 757 E. Doran St., Glendale CA  91206

This Saturday we celebrate AHA “Learn To Homebrew” Day at Club Treasurer Danny Exum’s house in Glendale. If you are thinking about making the jump from extract brewing to all-grain, this would be a perfect time to see all-grain brewing in action. Danny will be brewing the recently published White House Honey Porter recipe, just in time to be fermenting on Election Day! We will also be BBQ’ing some chicken and carne asada. If you would like to eat something else, bring it along to toss on the grill. There is plenty of space for additional brewers, so we encourage you to bring your kettle and burner. Please reply and RSVP if you plan to brew a batch at the meeting.

Old Ales are the style of the month, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe, as that only helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback. Since we are at a member’s house, commercial beers are welcome and encouraged. If you would like to see future meeting locations and styles, check the website for the schedule.

We have Yeastside logo glasses still available! We will be selling them for $8 a piece, or 3 for $20. Why use plastic when you can sample beers from a glass while showing your club spirit too?

We took nominations for the 2013 Club Board in October, but the response was minimal. Hopefully, only because attendance was light that day. We’ll continue to take nominations in November for Vice President, Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, and Competition Coordinator. Per our By-Laws, the current Vice President will become President the following year (that would be Jerl Leutz, if you didn’t know). Being a board member isn’t so hard, as we normally do 3 or 4 board meetings a year. You will have a say in what we do, where we meet, and what styles we focus on. We hope to get some new blood involved, so ask current board members any questions you may have.

The By-Laws have been finalized, and will be sent out to members in good standing for review. With 50% or more members voting to accept, they will be formally adopted.

This meeting is the deadline to enter the Haven Gastropub Collaboration Competition. Check the link for all the details which were posted in September. In short, you need to bring 2 (12oz) bottles, there is no entry fee, you may only enter one beer, and only 8 specific styles are being accepted. Also, you must be a member in good standing to enter. The Best Of Show winner will get their recipe brewed by Haven, and on tap in the Spring of 2013. Good luck to all Yeastside Brewers!

Competition Results – Pacific Brewer’s Cup

The Pacific Brewer’s Cup results were released in record time, and once again Yeastside made a good showing!

Larson Whipsnade placed 2nd English Pale Ale for his Special/Best/Premium Bitter.

Ward G. Walkup IV placed 2nd in American Ales for his American Pale Ale, 3rd in Specialty Beer for his Sweet Stout with Peanut Butter and Cocoa Nibs, and an Honorable Mention in Spice/Herb/Vegetable for his Sweet Stout with Chai spices and vanilla beans.

David Ochoa and Cody Darwin got an Honorable Mention in Porters for their Robust Porter.

Christopher Kennedy placed 2nd in Fruit Mead (Melomel) for his Cyser.

Congrats to all, and hope you have a special beer fermenting or carbonating for the Haven Gastropub Collaboration competition which is due November 3rd!

October Meeting – Light Hybrid styles, glassware, and Club Board nominations at Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply

When: Saturday October 6th, Noon – 4PM
Where: 4981 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

The meeting at Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply is getting moved up to Noon since the Eagle Rock Music Festival will be starting at 2PM. We wish to make parking easy on you, and we want to give you a chance to go enjoy some live music after the meeting! Lucky for us, it looks like the heat is finally going to ease up a bit.

Light Hybrids are the style of the month, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe, as that only helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback. Since we are hanging out in the parking lot, commercial beers are welcome and encouraged as well. As always when we visit the homebrew shop, snacks are greatly appreciated if you can bring them. If you would like to see future meeting locations and styles, check the website for the schedule. We made some recent changes, so check out the calendar feature!

The long awaited Yeastside logo glasses have arrived! We will be selling them for $8 a piece, so bring along some cash if you would like to pick one of these beauties up. I have heard rumors that your homebrew will taste even better when consumed from this vessel, and after extensive testing, I believe it to be true! We will also offer a special deal of 3 glasses for $20.

As the year draws to a close, it is time to start palnning the new Club Board for 2013. We’ll take nominations at this meeting for Vice President, Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, and Competition Coordinator. Per our By-Laws, the current Vice President will become President the following year. If you have questions about what you would do on the board, we’ll be happy to explain at the meeting.

Speaking of By-Laws, we are putting the final touches on the document, and it will be sent out soon to members in good standing for review. If we get 50% or more members voting to accept, they will be formally adopted.

Our November meeting will be on the 3rd for AHA “Learn To Brew” Day at Danny Exum’s house in Glendale. If you have any friends or family who believe you are an amazing magician for brewing your own beer (rightly so), and want to learn how it is done, then bring them along! We want to introduce more people to what we already know is the best hobby in the world.

Haven Gastropub Collaboration-Competition – Entries Due Nov. 3rd

When: Saturday November 3rd, Hours TBD
Where: Danny Exum’s House, Club Brew Meeting

In collaboration with the Brewmaster at Haven Gastropub in Pasadena, The Yeastside Brewers of Los Angeles will hold a Member’s Only Homebrew Competition that will award the winning brewer with having their winning beer brewed and placed on-tap in the Spring of 2013 at Haven Gastropub in Pasadena! Haven serves a wide variety of craft beer on tap, including their own beers brewed on the premises.
This competition is only open to members in good standing of the Yeastside Brewers. Each member is allowed one entry only, so choose your best! Bring two (12 oz.) bottles to the November meeting. There is no entry fee for this competition.
Also, this Homebrew Competition is subject to some special strict limitations due to the inherent nature of collaborating with Haven, which is a commercial brewer. Firstly, and most importantly, the competition will be strictly limitedto the following BJCP styles:

Secondly, judging will strictly adhere to the BJCP style guidelines, so please brew your beer within the various limits enumerated under the BJCP.
Thirdly, Haven also requiresthe following limitations with respect to any competing beers’ recipe:

  • No Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, or other microbes that are not traditional Brewers yeast!
  • No Fruits, Vegetables, Spices or other additives. Only water, malt, hops and Brewers yeast!
  • No smoked malt additions or smoke flavorings.
  • No wood aging.
  • No lagers or lagering. Please stick with ale fermentations. Hybrid yeast (California Common) fermentations are OK.
  • No beers stronger than 8% ABV. Please also stay within ABV limits within respective BJCP style guidelines, which may be less than 8% for particular styles.

Lastly, Haven prefers that the beers demonstrate a West Coast character! This can mean a lot of things, such as, of course, a fresh and bright hop profile, or perhaps simply incorporating local ingredients. We’ll leave that interpretation up to you creative homebrewers!
There’s not a whole lot of time, so get brewing as soon as possible if you haven’t already started. You’ll need time to ferment, perhaps dry-hop, and even condition your homebrew by the time November 3 rolls around. Questions can be directed to your VP, Jerl Leutz, jerlleutz@gmail.com.
Happy brewing!

Competition Results

We had quite a few members win some ribbons recently in the Southern California Regional Homebrew Championship and the L.A. County Fair!

SoCal Regional – Full Results here
Julia & Ward G. Walkup IV got 2nd place in American Pale Ales, 2nd place in Stouts, and 2nd place in Spice/Herb/Vegetable Beers.
Jeff Koehler got 2nd place in Fruit Beers, and 2nd place in Meads.
Josh Jensen got 1st and 3rd place in German Wheat & Rye Beers.
Lee & Andrew Bakofsky, Jeff Koehler, Josh Jensen, Dan Hakes, and Larry Caldwell got 1st place in Wood-Aged Beers.

L.A. County Fair – Full Results here
Louie and Gayle Michel got 1st place in Scottish/Irish Ales, and 3rd place in India Pale Ales.
Nathan Scott got 1st place in Belgian-Style Strong Ales.
Lee & Andrew Bakofsky, Jeff Koehler, Josh Jensen, Dan Hakes, and Larry Caldwell got 2nd place in Farmhouse Ales.
Jeff Koehler and Jerl Leutz got 1st place in Specialty Beers.
Jeff Koehler got 2nd place in Meads.
Last, but certainly not least, Ward G. Walkup got 2nd place in American Pale Ales, 2nd place in Specialy Beers (Spice/Herb/Vegetable), 1st place in Stouts which also got 2nd runner up Best of Show, and 1st place in American West Coast Beers which also got Best of Show!

Huge congrats to all, this was a great showing for our club!

Let’s keep this trend rolling while we are hot! Pacific Brewer’s Cup entries are due Thursday September 6th by 7PM at the Eagle Rock Homebrew shop and other drop-off points. Judging will be on Sept. 22nd at the Four Points Shearton by LAX. Sign up to judge or steward, as the Strand Brewers running this are going to need some help with the anticipated volume of entries.