So. CA Homebrewers Festival info.

When: Friday April 29th-Sunday May 1st
Where:Lake Casitas Recreation Area
11311 Santa Ana Road
Ventura, CA 93001

Yeastside Brewers have a booth reserved for the festival, so come along and pour your beer at the best homebrew festival all year! The SCHF is a weekend long gathering of homebrew clubs from Southern California. There will be more than 30 clubs pouring this year, and each club pours an average of 10-15 beers, and some as many as 40! On Friday night a few yet to be named commercial breweries will be pouring FREE BEER from 6PM until they run out (or 10 PM if they make it). Bands perform during the day on Saturday, there is a huge raffle, and speakers from the beer industry (Peter Bouckaert from New Belgium, and Tyler King from The Bruery this year).
Important details:
1. You must join the California Homebrewers Association by purchasing a membership online by April 29th at Noon. It is $45 until the end of March, and then $50 in April. Your one and only membership benefit is admission to the main event on Saturday starting at 11AM, and usually lasting until 10 PM or later.
2. Camping/Hotel: We’ll be camping at the Owl Court Group site with Culver City club Pacific Gravity. For $50/person, you get 2 nights camping, and 4 fantastic meals! There is also a $25 option for camping only, and you bring your own food. The site is great with lots of shade trees. There is water and electricity, so it is far from “roughing it.” If you are one of those people who will not camp, hotels are available in Ojai, but going fast. They have free shuttles from the fest to Ojai.

If you are interested in going to SCHF or have questions, please contact me at Visit the CHA website above for more info. If you look at my videos on Facebook, you can see 2 quick “walkthrough” videos I made at the 2009 and 2010 fests! This event is outstanding, and not to be missed.

Cheers, and keep brewing!
-Josh Jensen

March Meeting

When: Saturday March 05, 4:00
Where: Nibble Bit Tabby Brewery
2001 S Santa Fe Ave Los Angeles, CA 9002

Brian Lethco will be opening his doors for us this Saturday afternoon! Come down and check out their downtown brewhouse, ask questions, geek out, etc. Rumor has it there may be some fresh ESB on hand as well. They’re into traditional ales, so bring down your bitters, english pales, browns, etc. (Or any other homebrews for that matter). See you guys soon! Lee.

Monster Brew w/Pacific Gravity at Tustin Brewing Company

When: Saturday Feb 26
Where: Tustin Brewing Company

They still have a few seats left, any Yeastsiders are welcome to attend. I’ve been in the past and it’s a great way to spend a Saturday morning! If anyone wants to carpool let me know. (I can’t make it but will help connect potential carpoolers).

Full details can be found here.

Additionally, here are recipe details and ideas from Carl Townsend, PG’s Competition Coordinator.


Club Meeting: January

In anticipation of Aprils’s AHA Club-Only Bock competition, we’ll be brewing, talking about, and sampling all things bock. (Maibock/Helles Bock, Traditional Bock, Doppelbock, and Eisbock). Brewing will start around 10:00 for those who are interested  in watching/helping. We’ll be brewing an (all-grain) Maibock.

Also on the agenda will be:

Organization for 2011

  • Mission Statement/Bylaws
  • Organization/officers
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Dues ($20)
  • Competition Schedule

Sunday January 02, 2011
Meeting at 12:00
Brewday starts at 10:00am; see below

Lee & Andrew’s, mail lee at for the address

Any homebrew,  commercial example of the bock style, or any homebrew. Snacks.

EBS Press!

Thanks again to Jeff Koehler for the great flaws/off-flavors tasting!
Check us out on the Examiner.

Acetaldehyde, Diacetyl, DMS, Isovaleric, Geraniol, Butyric (my favorite) and a few others down, about 16 more to go! Session 2 coming soon; check back for details or subscribe to our mailing list.

Defects & Off-Flavors; Session 1

A huge thanks to Jeff Koehler for leading us through a great beer flaws & off-flavors tasting session. We had a huge turnout, and [intentionally] crappy beer was enjoyed by all! Stay tuned for the date of Session 2, likely sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Many thanks to our friends at Eagle Rock Brewery as well for letting us commandeer their tap room.

Off-Flavors Session Full!?

Great response to the invite for the off-flavors session. 20 of 20 seats have been spoken for, but if you have not yet attended and really want to come let me know (mail lee at; most likely someone signed up will be unable to attend, or we can stretch our samples a little further. Looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Club Meeting- Beer Troubleshooting and Off-Flavors

You’ve likely heard terms such as diacetyl, acetaldehyde, DMS, and so forth in the context of beer flaws and off-flavors, but what do they really taste like? Join is Saturday, November 13 for the first in a series of sensory analysis sessions to find out.

We’ll conduct a tasting of ‘doctored’ beers, each highlighting a specific flaw.  Prepare to savor such flavors as cardboard, green apple, creamed corn, and if you’re lucky maybe even a little baby diaper! This is a great opportunity, particularly for newer brewers, to learn to identify beer flaws and troubleshoot their process. If you have any beers that didn’t turn out as you’d planned, bring them along! (Feel free to bring good beer as well).

We have room for 20 people, so please RSVP to me so I can keep track. To cover the cost of the off-flavors kit and beers we’ll take up a collection of $5 per head.

We’ll be meeting at 2:30 PM at Eagle Rock Brewery, and will stick around for a pint or two after the meeting once Eagle Rock’s tasting room opens (4:00).


RSVP to lee at
Saturday, November 13
2:30 PM
Eagle Rock Brewery
3056 Roswell Street, Los Angeles, CA