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Welcome to Yeastside, where we turn water into gold, and our love for beer knows no bounds! 
mug svg / svg png dxf / cricut / silhouette / instant download image 1We’re a bunch of passionate homebrewers who believe that the best beer is the one you brew yourself (because let’s be honest, nobody knows your taste buds better than you do). Our community is a melting pot of seasoned pros and greenhorns alike, and we love to share our knowledge and techniques with each other (because let’s face it, we all secretly want to brew better beer than our buddies).
mug svg / svg png dxf / cricut / silhouette / instant download image 1We hold regular meetings and events where we come together to drink, chat, and show off our latest brews. But don’t let all this talk of education and improvement fool you – we’re here to have fun too! We participate in competitions and festivals (because who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned beer showdown), and we’re always looking for ways to push the envelope and experiment with new flavors.
mug svg / svg png dxf / cricut / silhouette / instant download image 1At Yeastside, we don’t judge – unless it’s a competition, of course. We’re all about supporting our fellow brewers, offering advice, feedback, and encouragement (because let’s be honest, nobody knows the struggles of a bad brew day better than us). So pull up a chair, grab a pint, and let’s get brewing – because life’s too short for bad beer!

Upcoming Tours & DestinationS

SD would be fun since we haven’t been as a club in a while.  We’ve broken it into 2 possible trips; #1 central/northern SD County and #2 SD proper.  Here are the breweries I have in mind.  Please note, there are way more than we can actually do, so these are just suggestions to get people’s thoughts.  Feel free to add anything.  Also, I didn’t put Stone or Ballast Point on here, but if we must, we must.

San Diego County

San Diego proper