A Few Updates re SCHF and Recent Events

A Call-for-Kegs! – Southern California Homebrew Fest

When: Saturday May 4th
Where: Lake Casitas Recreation Area, 11311 Santa Ana Road, Ventura, CA

My dear homebrewers,

I appeal to your valiant pride and unrivaled generosity: we need beer for our booth at 2013 SCHF! Please, if you are so able, respond to this email to contribute homebrew to be poured at the fest. No amount is too great. We can pour from kegs and from bottles. Please tell me four things: (1) what you’re contributing, (2) how it will arrive at the fest (i.e., are you going?), (3) whether its in bottles or kegs, and (4) if its in kegs, whether it is a ball or pin lock keg.

Many of us are arriving on Friday, May 3 and leaving Sunday, May 5. The festival takes place, for the most part, on Saturday, May 4. Here is a recap of last year’s 2012 festival. If you will attend, RSVP with Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen at the next meeting. We already have a campsite reserved. I also remind you to register as a CHA member, which is required to gain entry.

Other SCHF Items

  • We are potlucking Friday night before the festival (the night of May 3). Please sign up with Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen at the next meeting.
  • Please brew a beer for the festival, and bring your special beers, wines, etc. for some truly epic bottle shares!
  • Prepare for the sun! Broad brimmed hats, sunscreen, and stay hydrated!
  • Carpool: parking is expensive!
  • There are all sorts of things we need for a comfortable stay. Let Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen know if you can bring any of the following: canopies, lights, xmas lights, firewood, grills for BBQ, water, CO2 gas manifold, white board & markers, CO2 tanks (more is better!), and anything else you believe would be helpful. Again, let us know in advance so we can avoid duplicating efforts.

A Recap of the Stone AHA Rally: March 16th

Several Yeastsiders shared a bus with other homebrew clubs from the Los Angeles area, includind the Strand Brewers, Maltose Falcons, and Long Beach Homebrewers. As many of you know, five of our members were able to enter their homebrews in this exclusive competition. You may have also heard that, out of the thirty entrants, 2 Yeastsiders placed in the top three! Dave Ochoa, our VP, placed third, and the celebrated Ward Walkup placed second! Another member, Victor Macias, put down a journal entry for the day that I uploaded to the site for your leisurely review. We made a strong showing, and we are all proud.

The trip will also brought us to White Labs and Societe Brewing tasting rooms. It was both educational and fun!

April Meeting

The April meeting will be on Saturday, April 6th at Eagle Rock Brewery. Please stay tuned to your email inboxes for additional details next week!

Thanks for reading!

Jerl Leutz – Yeastside Brewers President 2013