April 6th Meeting, 2-6PM, Eagle Rock Brewery & SCHF Updates

April Meeting
When: Saturday April 6th, 2PM – 6PM
Where: 3056 Roswell St., Los Angeles, CA, 90065(323) 257-7866

To my Fellow Fermentators:

This Saturday we’ll be holding our meeting at Eagle Rock Brewery. Lot parking is available as well as street parking all along Roswell Street.

Around 2:30 P.M., there will be a tour of the brewery, and meeting announcements will take place at 3:00 P.M. We encourage you to bring snacks!  At about 6PM, the Schmuck Truck food truck will arrive if you want to buy some grub. In order to reduce trash and build our tribal solidarity, please remember to bring your tasting glass.

The style of the month is Bocks, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe, as that greatly helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback.

As far as this month’s Club Only Competition (“COC”), the AHA put an end to the March/April COC on March 1. However, the May COC submissions are due this Saturday at our meeting (Extract Beers). It’s a broad category, so we anticipate many of you can submit to this one.

SCHF Updates & Sign-ups

Its a month away! The 2013 SCHF is Saturday, May 4, 2013. We have had many of you RSVP and we only have six spots left in the campsite, so sign up soon!

***Please remember to register as a CHA member, which is required to gain entry.*** Unless, of course, you are already volunteering, which is now filled.

Many of you responded to pledge kegs of beer for the festival. It was just what we needed! But, there will never be enough, so if you are considering it, please let Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen know.

Bottles are accepted, too!

Your Pres. will also be unveiling a DIY portable cask beer engine at the fest.

We’re potlucking on the Friday of the festival, and we’re looking for people to contribute to that as well as sign up for shared equipment and tools. We have a few things, like barbeques and coffee, but we have some other needs. Again, please check with Jerl Leutz or Josh Jensen to make the appropriate arrangements.

Jockey Box Project

The hardware for our Jockey Box (portable serving station for kegs), arrived this week and will be assembled at the meeting. Maybe we’ll be able to get it cleaned, sanitized, and filled with homebrew, too. That, however remains to be determined, but cross your fingers!

Thanks again to Geoff and Dave for their donated hardware! It really brought the cost down and allowed us to install a second serving line.

Upcoming Competitions in and around April

Competition season is in full swing! Check the site regularly for deadlines.

  • Mayfaire, brought to you by the Maltose Falcons. Registration closes at midnight on April 18th. All entries are due at pickup sites by April 19th.
  • California State Fair, submission dates still TBD, but the Fair is in July.
  • May COC, Extract Beers, is due at our meeting on Saturday, this April 6.
  • The next 2013 COC is September/October, but the due date is still TBD. Plan to submit in August to be safe. Style is European Amber Lager.
  • If you know of other competitions not mentioned here or on our competition schedule, please advise us!

YSB Logo T-Shirts and Glasses For Sale

Yeastside Brewers logo glasses, while becoming scarce, are for sale, $8 each, $20 for three. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Yeastside Brewers logo t-shirts are for sale, too. They are American Apparel, sizes M through XXXL, white shirt with Yeastside-red logo. The shirts are part of a limited initial printing, so if you want one, be sure to get it at this meeting. We will undoubtedly run out. We will have more printed soon enough.

If you have design skills, you can help with the next round of shirts. Check in with Jerl or Jeremy.

Thanks for reading! Happy Brewing, and we’ll see you on Saturday!

Jerl Leutz – Yeastside Brewers President 2013