April Meeting at Eagle Rock Homebrew Supply and Upcoming Events

When: Saturday April 7th, 2PM – 6PM
Where:4981 Eagle Rock Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041

This Saturday we’ll be meeting in the Eagle Rock Homebrew Supply parking lot behind the shop.  We had a great time here in January and last year, so we’ll be here every three months.  Feel free to bring commercial examples, in addition to any homebrews.  It isn’t a bad idea to bring a folding chair if you don’t want to stand for 4 hours.  If you would like to contribute to the cause, snacks are always welcome!  In order to reduce trash, we suggest members bring their own tasting glass.
The style of the month is Scottish and Irish Ales, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe, as that only helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback.  Scottish and Irish Ales are also the category for the Club Only Competition.  If you have a good example of one, please bring three 12-oz bottles to the meeting along with the recipe and bottle labels already filled out.  The best beer will be sent to represent the club, and those who were not selected can take their remaining bottles home or share with the club.  If you would like to see the meeting locations and styles for the rest of this year, check the website for recent updates.

Upcoming Events

Lots of great events are just over the horizon!
-April 9th thru 14th is the Deschutes Brewery Base Camp Week.  There are events all over LA, including a “Hats Off to Homebrewers” at Steingarten, where you can a get clone recipe book and free whole hops!
-April 12th is the deadline to drop off entries for the Mayfaire homebrew competition run by The Maltose Falcons.
-April 21st is the Pasadena Pub Crawl from 4PM to Last Call.  More info here.
-May 5th is the Southern California Homebrew Festival at Lake Castias near Ojai!  This is a weekend long event with over 30 homebrew clubs sampling beers.  Yeastsiders can camp with Pacific Gravity, who have more info on the event.
-May 12th is our monthly meeting at Eagle Rock Brewery.  The style of the month is American Ales.
-May 13th is the Brew For The Cure event we reported in the last email. Come support member Barrett Amato as he raises $5000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.