August 3rd Meeting – Angel City Brewery

When: Saturday August 3rd, 2PM – 6PM
Where: Angel City Brewery, 216 S. Alameda Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Dear Members:

This Saturday, August 3rd, we’ll be holding our meeting at Angel City Brewery near Downtown Los Angeles, from 2PM to 6PM. There is a private lot for parking at the brewery. There is also some limited street parking nearby (metered). They also have bike racks. Ideally, you can take public transportation with Union Station and the Gold Line stop at Little Tokyo/Arts District nearby. Please plan responsibly!

Light Hybrids will be the beer style of the month. Angel City will hopefully have some commercial samples on hand, so please do not bring your own commercial samples. We always welcome your homebrews of this style as well as any style of homebrew to share and discuss. Please bring a copy of your recipe to assist in obtaining helpful feedback.

Since Angel City has its own retail tasting room, please limit yourself to one or two bottles of homebrew (please use your best judgment). They appear to have about a dozen of their craft beers on tap, so let’s enjoy what they can provide us!

There are two food trucks scheduled to be at Angel City on Saturday: The Steel City Sandwich Truck and the Slapyo Mama Truck.

Things to bring to Saturday’s meeting:

  • Tasting glass (YSB glasses are still for sale, see below)
  • Homebrew
  • Snacks
  • Money to buy beers at the bar and food from the trucks
  • Righteous Vibes

Recent Events

Yeastside Brewers collaborated with Long Beach Homebrewers and went on a tour of LA’s South Bay breweries. We went to Strand, Ohana and Monkish Breweries. We had a great time and your VP Dave Ochoa did an amazing job organizing the event! Thanks and cheers to Dave, as well as Josh, Enrique and the rest from the Long Beach Homebrewers!

Upcoming Competitions in and around August

Please, check the site regularly for deadlines. Remember that the AHA phased-out the COC program and instead instituted the Radegast Club of the Year program. Our participation is still TBD and open for discussion.

  • LA County Fair Homebrew Competition, registration is already closed (July 18). However, the entries will be judged the same day as our meeting, this Saturday, August 3. Expect results soon!
  • Pacific Brewers Cup, registration closes noon August 31, drop-offs accepted from August 23 through noon on August 31. They need judges and stewards. Contact them if interested.
  • If you know of other competitions not mentioned here or on our competition schedule, please advise us!

Our Meeting Is on Mead Day!

Hear ye, hear ye! The AHA says that it is Mead Day on August 3rd! By the way, its IPA day tomorrow, Thursday, August 1. Apparently we should just rename it Fermentation Week. Either way, someone please bring an IPA and a mead on Saturday.

Group Buys, Hops & Yeast

Some members are organizing a group buy of bulk hops from Hop Union and a separate group buy of yeast from East Coast Yeast. Check their respective sites to review their inventory. Purchase will take place closer to fall. We can obtain virtually any hop, whether it be pellet or leaf, inclusive of US, European, Australian, or New Zealand varietals. Prices vary widely, but a rough ballpark is around $8-$15 per pound. Purchases must be in 1 pound increments, and will be delivered in sealed, oxygen impermeable bags flushed with nitrogen. Total orders for the shipment must be in 11 lb increments, so we’ll have to coordinate closely to fill and reserve space.  We also have access to CO2 extracted hop resin.  Info and prices will be provided to participants.
East Coast Yeast is more flexible, but please review their selection.
In either case, contact Jerl Leutz to reserve a slot in the bulk buys.

Beer Paper LA Is Writing About LA-Area Female Brewers

Nicole Luque will be looking for female members to discuss and interview regarding homebrewing for publication in the Beer Paper LA. Please see Nicole at the meeting on Saturday if you wish to contribute.

YSB Logo T-Shirts and Glasses For Sale

Yeastside Brewers logo glasses are for sale, $8 each, $20 for three.

Yeastside Brewers logo t-shirts are for sale, too, $20 each. They are American Apparel, sizes M through XXXL, white shirt with Yeastside-red logo.

A second round of t-shirts was designed and will be printed soon, with custom artwork on a dark colored shirt.

September’s Meeting will be held at Eagle Rock Homebrew Supply, on September 7th.

Thanks for reading! Happy Brewing, and we’ll see you on Saturday