Eastside Brewers @ SXSW

That’s right!  Our home brew is traveling out to SXSW with L.A. Record for “The Ever Loving Party” March, 19th, 12-7pm @ Design Within Reach, 78701.  Sorry it’s refreshment for bands only – but the show seems like an insane line up:  Acid Mother’s Temple, The Growlers, Leslie & the Badgers, and more!  Check it …

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Teach Your Homie To Brew Day!

Hey all, this Saturday (Nov 7th, 2009) the Eastside Brewers are hosting a “Teach Your Homie How to Brew Day” in Boyle Heights.  This is a national event sponsored by the AHA: If you’d like to join in, please email Ben [at] Click the image for a larger version of the flier.