By-laws have been passed!

Good news, everybody! The by-laws have passed a vote.  They were crafted by 2013 club president Jerl Leutz, and honed by the 2012 club board over many meetings and too many beers to count. Members in good standing were sent a survey monkey link to vote aye or nay, and nearly all votes were in favor. Since we have 61 official current members, and many more than that on this list, here are the by-laws to view if you haven’t seen them yet.

Our January meeting will be at the Eagle Rock Homebrew shop on January 5th from 2-6PM. The 2013 dues will begin to be collected. It remains $24 per person, but we are adding a $36 couples membership option. This meeting is also our 2nd Anniversary of being an official club! The Club Only Competition entries will be due for the Un-Session Beers for anything over 1.040 OG and covers nearly every BJCP category.

Jerl will be taking over the Presidential duties in the new year, so look for these updates to be coming from him in 2013.

Cheers, and keep on brewing!
-Josh Jensen, Yeastside Lame Duck President