Club Meeting- Beer Troubleshooting and Off-Flavors

You’ve likely heard terms such as diacetyl, acetaldehyde, DMS, and so forth in the context of beer flaws and off-flavors, but what do they really taste like? Join is Saturday, November 13 for the first in a series of sensory analysis sessions to find out.

We’ll conduct a tasting of ‘doctored’ beers, each highlighting a specific flaw.  Prepare to savor such flavors as cardboard, green apple, creamed corn, and if you’re lucky maybe even a little baby diaper! This is a great opportunity, particularly for newer brewers, to learn to identify beer flaws and troubleshoot their process. If you have any beers that didn’t turn out as you’d planned, bring them along! (Feel free to bring good beer as well).

We have room for 20 people, so please RSVP to me so I can keep track. To cover the cost of the off-flavors kit and beers we’ll take up a collection of $5 per head.

We’ll be meeting at 2:30 PM at Eagle Rock Brewery, and will stick around for a pint or two after the meeting once Eagle Rock’s tasting room opens (4:00).


RSVP to lee at
Saturday, November 13
2:30 PM
Eagle Rock Brewery
3056 Roswell Street, Los Angeles, CA