December 7th Meeting – The Ochoa Residence

When: Saturday December 7th, 2PM – 6PM
Where: The Home of Dave and Sammy Ochoa5020 Glen Iris Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041

Dear Yeastsiders:

This Saturday, December 7th, we’ll be holding our meeting at the home of VP Dave and Sammy Ochoa in Eagle Rock, from 2PM to 6PM. Street parking is available nearby. Please plan your transportation responsibly!

One of my favorites, Smoked and Wood-aged beers, will be the beer style of the month, which is appropriate especially for the holidays! We welcome your homebrews of this style, as well as any other style of homebrew to share and discuss. We’ll have some commercial samples on hand as well. Please bring a copy of your recipe to assist in obtaining helpful feedback.

Things to bring to Saturday’s meeting:

  • Tasting glass (YSB glasses are for sale, see below)
  • Homebrew
  • Recipes for discussion
  • Nominations for 2014 Officer Elections
  • Snacks, lunch, food
  • Folding chair

Officer Elections

I’ll start this off by thanking all of you for making this a truly memorable year for me as your president. We accomplished a lot with what we had, and I’m proud of that. We will continue to grow next year because there is still so much left to do, like build our serving station and achieve legitimacy in the eyes of “the man.” Let’s remember how much we’ve impressed our homebrew community with our presentation as skilled brewers and kind individuals at CHF. We’ve had so many new members join us this year, and that counts for a lot. Cheers to all of you and your help! Next year, Dave Ochoa will take over as president, and I have faith that he will bring us closer to the light.

We still seek new nominee officers for the 2014 calendar year. We still need a new VP, treasurer, administrative coordinator, and competition coordinator. One of our club’s core philosophies is to always bring in new members as officers so our club stays fresh and exciting.

I should emphasize that you do not need to be an overly experienced, award winning homebrewer to “qualify” as an officer. We just ask that you be dedicated to the group and willing to devote a few hours per month to club duties. We keep the club’s structure very streamlined so that it will still always be, above all things, a fun, stimulating and educational gathering.

We do not yet have any nominations for 2014 vice-president, and the other positions are still up for a vote, too. So, please check in with any of our officers to learn more about the positions should you have interest! Time is running short, and elections will be held at the December 7th meeting this Saturday.

Mead Demonstration

I will be demonstrating how to brew mead at the meeting on Saturday. I’ll be available to field your questions and engage in fervent discussion.

Competitions in and around December

Please, check the site regularly for deadlines.

Group Hops & Yeast Buy

I’m still working on this, and I apologize for the delay. I hope to have it as soon as possible.

YSB Logo T-Shirts and Glasses For Sale

  • Yeastside Brewers logo glasses are for sale, $8 each, $20 for three.
  • The first generation Yeastside Brewers logo t-shirts are for sale, too, $20 each. They are American Apparel, sizes M through XXXL, white shirt with Yeastside-red logo.
  • The new, second generation Yeastside Brewers t-shirts are for sale, $25 each. They are Anvil cotton t-shirts, sizes M through XXXL, and Anvil women’s v-neck t-shirts. Both are black shirts with Yeastside-red logo on the front left chest and a five color, stylized design on the back (there’s a photo on our facebook). We are already running low on the sizes, so there are no guarantees. Get ’em while they’re hot!
  • Neck Lanyards for holding your tasting glass are for sale, too. $5 each. One size fits most. No logo.
  • Combo Deal: one neck lanyard plus one logo glass, $10.

January’s Meeting location is TBD.

Thanks for reading! Happy Brewing, and we’ll see you on Saturday!

Jerl Leutz – Yeastside Brewers President 2013