February Meeting – all-grain brew at Scott Piotrowski’s house in Glassell Park

When: Saturday February 4th, 11AM – 5PM
Where: 2456 Sundown Drive, Glassell Park, 90065

This Saturday we’ll be meeting at Scott’s house while he brews up a batch of Amber Ale in his garage. If you would like to learn about all-grain to make the jump from extract, this is a great chance to do so. Parking may be tricky, so check the link at the beginning of this paragraph for a helpful map that Scott made explaining how to get there, and where to park. If you can’t make it for the whole brew day, we’ll be having meeting announcements around 2pm. Scott is looking to improve his brewing system, so would like ideas and input.
We recommend bringing a folding chair, and a tasting glass to prevent plastic waste. Also bring lots of beer/homebrew! Scott has a fridge in the garage to keep your beers well chilled.
The style of the month is English Pale Ales, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew to share and discuss with your fellow brewers. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe for any homebrews, as that only helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback.
If you would like to see the meeting locations and styles for the rest of this year, check the website for recent updates.