Golden Road Brewing Mystery Hops Pro/Am Competition

Golden Road has just contacted the Yeastside Brewers about a Pro/Am competition they are hosting for their entry to GABF 2013. They have set aside 10 slots for Yeastside Brewers that wish to enter. Unlike most competitions, the GABF style guidelines will be used. The fun twist on this competition is that you will be supplied mystery hops from Golden Road to brew your beer that fits any of the GABF style guidelines!

Since there will be plenty of interest in this, any member in good standing that wishes to enter needs to send an email to by Monday, February 4 at 9AM. If there are more than 10 people showing interest, a random drawing will be held to choose the 10 brewers that will represent our club for this competition.

The beers need to be ready at the end of March for this competition, so we will notify people on Monday to start brewing if they are selected!

For more information, please see the attached flyer.

Good Luck!