Hollywood Pub Crawl!

Hollywood Pub Crawl!!

What: Hollywood Pub Crawl
Where: Lucky Devils to Stout  Burgers and Beer
When: Sunday August 17th,1pm – 6pm or until late
Why: You want to check some awesome bars with some even more awesome people!

Greetings Yeastside Brewers,

Have you been looking to try out some new bars in Hollywood but can’t find the time to go?  I have a solution for you!  Join us on August 17th from 1pm – 5pm and get five of them done on our Hollywood Pub Crawl.  Thanks to Sally for organizing the route and reaching out to the locations to ensure they can accommodate our group.  Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can get a head count and plan accordingly!  You can also RSVP at the next meeting.  Here is the itinerary and I can’t wait to check out these great craft beer bars.

1pm – Lucky Devils – 6613 Hollywood Blvd

2pm – Ball and Chain – 1642 Cahuenga Blvd

3pm – Berlin Currywurst – 1620 Cahuenga Blvd

4pm – District 13 – 1556 Cahuenga Blvd

5pm – Stout Burgers and Beer – 1544 Cahuenga Blvd

All the locations are very close together and we will spend an hour or so at each place.  They all serve food so you can fuel up during the crawl.  There is great transportation to this area and I encourage you to use public transportation, get dropped off and picked up, or book an Uber for the crawl!  Please be responsible!  There might also be some extra curricular activity at Blue Palms Brewhouse if you are so inclined.  Again please RSVP as soon as possible and the more the merrier!

August’s meeting will be on the 2nd, at the Hermosillo Club, Home of new the newly opened Highland Park Brewery

Happy Brewing to you all, and see you on next week!


Dave Ochoa – Yeastside Brewers President 2014