June 1st Meeting – Gayle & Louie’s House aka AngryHorse Brewing Co.

When: Saturday June 1st, 2PM – 6PM
Where: Gayle & Louie’s House, aka AngryHorse Brewing Co., 3012 Via Breve, Montebello, CA 90640

To Our Faithful Members:

This Saturday, June 1st, we’ll be holding our meeting at Gayle and Louie Michel’s home in Montebello, from 2PM to 6PM. The weather is predicted to be hot and sunny, so I encourage you to dress appropriately and drink plenty of water. Street parking of plenty is available nearby. There is also a Gold Line station at Atlantic & Pomona, approximately 1.5 miles from their house, but using it will obviously require some logistics and planning. Whichever route you choose, please plan responsibly!

European Amber Lagers will be the beer style of the month. We’ll have some commercial samples on hand, and we welcome your homebrews of this style as well as any style of homebrew to share and discuss. Please bring a copy of your recipe to assist in obtaining helpful feedback. Your own commercial samples are welcomed as well.

Louie and Gayle will be firing up the grill for your culinary pleasure, and now is the time for you to shine and help us all out by contributing to the potluck! Please, coordinate your contribution with Dave Ochoa, VP, so we can hopefully avoid the unfortunate situation of having nine ambrosia salads and no tortillas.

They will also be doing a kegging demonstration!

Things to bring to Saturday’s meeting:

Upcoming Events

Yeastside Brewers will be collaborating with Long Beach Homebrewers to do a South Bay brewery tour. Please sign up with Dave Ochoa via email or at the meeting. More information will be coming available in the upcoming weeks. July 20, 2013 is the date scheduled for this event. We’ll be ride-sharing with the services of LA Beer Hop, who will also be making an appearance this Saturday.

Upcoming Competitions in and around May

Please, check the site regularly for deadlines. As we discussed last month, the AHA phased-out the COC program and instead instituted the Radegast Club of the Year program. Our participation is still TBD and open for discussion.

YSB Logo T-Shirts and Glasses For Sale

Yeastside Brewers logo glasses are for sale, $8 each, $20 for three. Get ’em while they’re hot.

Yeastside Brewers logo t-shirts are for sale, too, $20 each. They are American Apparel, sizes M through XXXL, white shirt with Yeastside-red logo.

If you have design skills, you can help with the next round of shirts. Check in with Jerl or Jeremy.

July’s Meeting will be held at Glendale Tap in . . . GLENDALE, on July 13. Take note that this is the SECOND weekend of July. Please utilize the first weekend of July to celebrate the fortune and glory of the USA.

Thanks for reading! Happy Brewing, and we’ll see you on Saturday!

Jerl Leutz – Yeastside Brewers President 2013