June 7th Meeting – Eagle Rock Brewery

June 7th Meeting – Eagle Rock Brewery!

When: Saturday, June 7th, 2pm – 6pm
Where: Eagle Rock Brewery3056 Roswell Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90065

Greetings Yeastside Brewers,

This Saturday, June 7th, we will have our meeting at the legendary Eagle Rock Brewery!  It was the first Craft Brewery to open in Los Angeles in over 60 years, and paved the way for all the new breweries that have or will open soon.(Angry Horse Brewing included!)  They are a great group of people and have given us a perk while we visit, any beers we buy will get the AHA discount.  Thanks Ting!  Please limit the homebrew you bring to 1 bottle so we can take advantage of this great discount.

As some of you know, I was unable to attend last meeting as I was in Africa!  Me and my wife had a great trip with lots of adventures.  I just wanted to thank some people for helping me as I was away.  Thank you Josh for sending the email blast for last meeting, and Louie, Gayle, and Jeremy for running the meeting.  I really appreciate the support!  We are still planning a Hollywood Pub crawl soon, but the date has been changed as there was a conflict with the previous date.  More detail to come at the meeting!  Be there or be square.

Things to bring to Saturday’s Meeting:

  • Tasting Glass (YSB glasses are for sale)
  • Homebrew
  • Snacks
  • Money or Credit Card for shirts, glassware, and commercial beers
Brewer of the Year Update:

Results are announced for the CA State Fair competition. Congrats to Jeff Koehler for a 2nd place Robust Porter, and to Matt & Sarah Luker for 2nd place in Specialty beer for their Hazelnut Brown!
Here is the new point tally for Brewer of the Year.

Ward G. Walkup IV – 14 points
Jeff Koehler – 11 points
Matt & Sarah Luker, and Louie & Gayle Michel – 2 points
Matt & Sarah Luker – 2 points
Sean Morris – 2 points
Tyler Jaynes – 1 point
Tyler Thurman – 1 point
The bulk of the competition season is coming in the next month or two. Brew soon, and brew often.
– SoCal Regional is TBD, but usually July
– LA County Fair due July, judged on Aug. 2nd
– Pacific Brewers Cup due August 22nd. 3 bottles, $7/entry
– CA State Homebrew comp due October. 
These dates are approximate based on previous years, and will be updated with info as it becomes available. Enter those beers under Yeastside Brewers!Angry Horse Brewing Indiegogo Campaign:As most of you know, Louie, Gayle, and Nathan are in the process of starting their own Brewery!  How can you help you ask?!?  By going to their Campaign page right now and donating!!  Here is the link.  Any donation will help them get to their goal and share share share with your friends.

Bill 2609 AB Needs Your Support:

We just got word that bill AB 2609 will be heard by the Senate GO Committee on June 10.  AB 2609 passed the full Assembly UNANIMOUSLY!!  But, we do expect dissent from the Senate, so need to be prepared.
We need to get as many letters as we can to the Senate Committee.  The letters really do help and we were congratulated for the number of letters SoCal Homebrewers were able to get for the Assembly hearing. Each person should send a letter to Chair Correa, and to their Committee members, much as we did before, but sending to both helps our case be stronger. Right now, it’s all about strength in numbers for our cause.  And, call the office of your representative if you can.You can use the sample the Falcons have posted.Send letters to Senator.Correa@sen.ca.gov  the GO  Committee Chair.  And to your own Senator on the Committee, if yours is a Committee Member.  Send letters to arrive by June 7 if possible!

YSB Logo T-Shirts and Glasses for Sale:

  • Yeastside Brewers logo Tasting Glasses are for sale, $8 each, 3 for $20
  • New Yeastside Brewers Logo T-Shirt, sizes M to XXXL, $25
  • Classic Yeastside Brewers T-Shirt, sizes M to XXXL, $20
  • Neck Lanyard, $5
  • Combo Tasting Glass and Neck Lanyard, $10

July’s meeting will be on the 12th, due to the Fourth of July, location 38 Degrees Alehouse Alhambra with a field trip to Ohana’s Tasting Room

I look forward to seeing you all this weekend.  Happy Brewing to you all, and see you on Saturday!


Dave Ochoa – Yeastside Brewers President 2014