Meeting Schedule

We typically meet the second Saturday of every month from 2 to 6PM, unless preempted by a special event or holiday. Locations revolve between members homes (for brew days or related demonstrations), the Eagle Rock Homebrew Supply Shop, Local Brewery Tasting Rooms, and area beer destinations and field trips.

2020 Meeting Schedule and Beer Style of the Month (dates/locations subject to change)
* Denotes styles that the winner will earn Brewer of the Year points.


Month Location Style
January 11 Hop Secret Brown British Beer (13)
February 8 Thomas’ House *Berliner Weisse (23A)
March 14 Eagle Rock Home Brewing Supply Irish Beer (15)
April TBD Kölsch (5B) & California Common (19B)
May TBD *Cream Ale (1C)
June TBD Strong European Beer (9)
July TBD *Strong Belgian Ale (25)
August TBD Mead (M)
September TBD Fruit Beer (29)
October TBD *Schwarzbier (8B)
November TBD Cider & Perry (C)
December Holiday Party none

14 thoughts on “Meeting Schedule”

  1. Hello Brewers! I am new to homebrewing and I am interested in joining a home brew club. I already brewed my first two batches and I’m eager to learn more from fellow brewers. I see your next meeting is on November 2nd. I wondering, is this an invite only meeting or is it open to all who want to join?

    1. Hello Noe,
      You are welcome to attend the meeting, which is on Nov. 8th in Montebello. More details to come soon, so be sure to sign up on the mailing list via the Contact tab. If you decided to join, annual dues are $24.
      Josh Jensen
      Competition Cooridinator

  2. Hi
    I recently moved to Tujunga. I’d like to visit one of your meetings. When is your fist meeting this January 2016?


    1. Yeastside Brewers

      Hi Majd. Our next meeting is this Saturday the 9th at Craft Beer Cellar in Eagle Rock, 1353 Colorado Blvd, 90041 from 2PM – 6PM. Come on by!

  3. Hi,
    I live in Eagle Rock and started brewing mid 2015. This week Eagle Rock Lounge and Eagle Rock Home Brew, both mentioned your group, so I wanted to reach out and see when you’re next meeting is.


    1. Hi Sean,
      Our next meeting will be March 12th, 2-6pm at a member’s backyard in Glendale. More details to come out in the Brewsletter, which hits inboxes 9 days before each meeting (and is also posted to our page on facebook). Hope to see you there!
      -Josh Jensen
      Yeastside Brewers President 2016

  4. Dear Yeastside Brewers,

    This is awesome and I’m sad it took me so long to look you guys up!

    I have been homebrewing for a long time, but not doing it often enough or seriously enough and I think this would be a great push in the right direction.

    Is it okay if I come on out to the September meeting? I see that the location is TBD so I’ll try to keep my eyes on the page.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Steven! You’re welcome to come to the September meeting. We’re still planning it right now, but we should have the location posted in a week or so.


  5. Hi Yeastside Brewers!,
    I’m from the UK originally, and I’ve just moved over from London to Los Angeles (I’m now in beautiful Los Feliz) and I’ve been looking for a great Home Brew Club to get involved with.
    I’ve been happily brewing for a few years now, and back in the UK one of the higlights was being able to share information, tips and tricks with other brewers at my local Home Brew Club.
    I’d love to come to your next meet up if thats possible? I’m not sure if you guys are accepting new members or how it works, bt I’d love to be involved if i can!

    All the best,

    1. Hi Joshua,

      Welcome to this side of the pond! You are more than welcome to join us for the meeting and see if you would like to become a member. We are always accepting new members!


  6. Beginning brewer, missed the January meeting but like to attend the February meeting. Can you confirm time and place? Thanks,

    1. Hi Lawrence – not sure if anyone got back to you, but our February meeting will be at The Glenale Tap this Saturday, the 4th, from 2-6pm. Hope you see you there!

  7. andrea j nicholas

    I’ll be missing the 4/8 meeting due to working the L.A. Beer Fest. Transplants will have a booth there too. I should have a beer ready for the May meeting…

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