November Meeting – Learn To Homebrew Day, Haven Collab Competition deadline, and Old Ales

When: Saturday November 3rd, 9AM – 4PM
Where: 757 E. Doran St., Glendale CA  91206

This Saturday we celebrate AHA “Learn To Homebrew” Day at Club Treasurer Danny Exum’s house in Glendale. If you are thinking about making the jump from extract brewing to all-grain, this would be a perfect time to see all-grain brewing in action. Danny will be brewing the recently published White House Honey Porter recipe, just in time to be fermenting on Election Day! We will also be BBQ’ing some chicken and carne asada. If you would like to eat something else, bring it along to toss on the grill. There is plenty of space for additional brewers, so we encourage you to bring your kettle and burner. Please reply and RSVP if you plan to brew a batch at the meeting.

Old Ales are the style of the month, but feel free to bring any type of homebrew. Consider bringing a copy of your recipe, as that only helps when discussing your beer and getting feedback. Since we are at a member’s house, commercial beers are welcome and encouraged. If you would like to see future meeting locations and styles, check the website for the schedule.

We have Yeastside logo glasses still available! We will be selling them for $8 a piece, or 3 for $20. Why use plastic when you can sample beers from a glass while showing your club spirit too?

We took nominations for the 2013 Club Board in October, but the response was minimal. Hopefully, only because attendance was light that day. We’ll continue to take nominations in November for Vice President, Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, and Competition Coordinator. Per our By-Laws, the current Vice President will become President the following year (that would be Jerl Leutz, if you didn’t know). Being a board member isn’t so hard, as we normally do 3 or 4 board meetings a year. You will have a say in what we do, where we meet, and what styles we focus on. We hope to get some new blood involved, so ask current board members any questions you may have.

The By-Laws have been finalized, and will be sent out to members in good standing for review. With 50% or more members voting to accept, they will be formally adopted.

This meeting is the deadline to enter the Haven Gastropub Collaboration Competition. Check the link for all the details which were posted in September. In short, you need to bring 2 (12oz) bottles, there is no entry fee, you may only enter one beer, and only 8 specific styles are being accepted. Also, you must be a member in good standing to enter. The Best Of Show winner will get their recipe brewed by Haven, and on tap in the Spring of 2013. Good luck to all Yeastside Brewers!