Beer Paper LA: Sarah Bennett
PHOTOS: International Women’s Collaboration Brew Day at Angry Horse Brewing

LA Weekly: Squid Ink: Jenn Garby
Yeastside Brewers: Behind The Homebrew Club Meeting + That Yeasty Name Change Clark Hansen
Craft beer off-flavor diagnosis: Eastside Brewers Collective breaks it down

Drink Eat Travel:
Meet the Homebrewers of Los Angeles – The Bakofsky Brothers

LA Weekly: Squid Ink: Jenn Garby
LA’s Beer Gurus Pick Their Favorite Summer Brews: Dogfish Head, Drakes, The Bruery

Tasting Table
Hop To It: Hobbyists unleash their home brews to the public

LA Weekly: Squid Ink: Jenn Garby
Make It & Take It Party: Beer, Live Music, Pies YOU Make + Jennie Cook’s Stuffed Squash Recipe

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