REMINDER: LA County Fair Entries due July 24th

Entries for the Los Angeles County Fair Homebrew Competition are due at Eagle Rock Homebrew Supply no later than noon on Friday, July 24th.  One entry consists of two 12-oz bottles and the cost per entry is $9.  If you don’t have entries but would like to learn more about how beer is judged and how a competition is run, you might volunteer to steward for this competition, which will be judged at MacLeod Ale Brewing Company on August 1st.  In any case, for more information and to register your entries or as a steward, visit the Maltose Falcons page.

Entering competitions is not only a great way to get qualified feedback on your creations, but also a means to increase the visibility and credibility of your Yeastside Brewers homebrewing club.  Some of these comps count toward the Anchor Homebrewing Club of the Year, which is a great honor, not to mention the amazing party they throw at the brewery in San Francisco for the winners.

On the horizon remain the Pacific Brewers Cup and the California State Homebrew Competition.  Please visit their sites for more information.

Go Yeastside Brewers!!!